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Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking’s mission is to be the preferred partner for growth for its customers in the domestic and regional markets on providing financial solutions, comprised of the following:

  • Top public listed companies and its subsidiaries /associates /joint-venture companies (under BURSA Malaysia)
  • Large middle-market private companies and its subsidiaries
  • Utilities and infrastructure project companies
  • Government & state owned corporations
  • Banks or bank backed institutions and other financial institutions
  • Multinational corporations (including Japanese clients)

Our clients are predominantly public listed companies on Bursa Malaysia, as well as multinational companies and large local corporations covering all industry types, including:

  • Manufacturing: All aspects of manufacturing including food processing, electronics and semiconductor, light and heavy manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, textiles/clothing, agricultural related manufacturing, metals, building products, telecommunications, wood products, and others.
  • Agriculture: Palm oil and rubber cultivation, and forestry.
  • Petrochemicals: Petroleum, gas, petroleum derivatives, plastic resins, and others.
  • Infrastructure/Utility: Highways, water, energy, telecommunication, sewerage, waste disposal, and others.
  • Real estate: All aspects of real estate including single property projects to townships. Also includes low cost housing, hotels and government projects.
  • Services: All aspects of transportation including shipping, freight and haulage. Also includes financial services.

Our general products and services are:

  • Working Capital Credit Lines: Overdraft and revolving credit.
  • Term Facilities: Term loans, bridging loans and project finance.
  • Trade Financing: Letters of credit, trust receipt, bankers acceptance, export credit refinancing, shipping guarantees, and others.
  • Bank Guarantees: Performance/Tender bonds, security deposits, and others.
  • Foreign Exchange Facilities: Spot/forward lines, swap lines, and others.

We also provide the following products and services:

  • Lead Arrangers cum Underwriters/Agents for Syndicated Loans: These functions are generally required for large loans which require the participation of several banks where RHB Bank acts as the structuring bank/documentation bank with a syndication strategy.
  • Debt Capital Market Instruments: The bank is also able to participate in the Private Debt Securities Programs in the capacity as Agent /Underwriter /Tender Panel Member /Guarantor.
  • Structured and Project Financing: The bank is well versed with Project Financing, having successfully taken to market transactions of this nature.

The above facilities are also available under conventional or Islamic banking methods, depending on the clients' requirements.