Junior Savings Account

A Ringgit Today, A Rewarding Tomorrow



As a parent, you know it's never too early for your child to learn to save. And what
better way to teach them than with a fun, easy way – saving the RHB Junior way.
With an RHB Junior Savings account, all your child needs is RM1 to begin on a
very rewarding journey!

Enjoy High Interest Rates

Your child will be able to see his money grow faster, thanks to a higher
interest rate than a normal savings account. Interest is calculated daily and
credited half-yearly. Enjoy attractive interest rates as high as 1 month's FD.

Your Child is Protected

With a minimal balance of RM500, your child will enjoy a FREE Personal Accident Insurance Coverage, calculated based on the account balance. The more money deposited, the better the coverage for your child, with coverage of up to RM50,000.

Savings Grow Faster

Withdrawals from your child's RHB Junior Savings account is limited to once a month. Less withdrawals mean more growth and at a faster rate!

So Easy to Qualify

Your child is eligible for an RHB Junior Savings account if he or she is below 18 years of age. Trust accounts are available for children below 12 years of age.

Minimum Amount

All you'll need is RM1 to open this account.


Eligible for protection by PIDM. Click here for PIDM's brochure